Posted by: rschoolcraft | April 1, 2008

#3 Email

They are a hacker’s best friend. Probably more computers have gone down the tubes thanks to their voracious appetites than for any other reason. Oh, they won’t admit it though. In fact it rarely shows up on their top ten list of things they like most. Don’t believe it!Email Icons

The stuff old white people like, I mean really like, is e-mail. From Uncle Waldo to Aunt Lilly and Grandma Mabel to Grandpa Herman they’re out there…waiting, waiting to see what they can send next.

They forward stories about the lies of Hillary, Barack’s youth and John’s heroism. They pounce on virus threats and quickly send the the info – along with the virus – to all their friends and relatives.

Pictures, poems, music, warnings, articles and scams the list is endless.

Still don’t believe me? Check your email box. See how many emails you got from someone over 50, 60 or even 75. Check your email for scams and where they came from. Check and see how many tomes you got about how things were diiferent back in the good old days when man was man and woman was “the wife.”

One day I saw an old white man in a bank and overheard him asking the teller to make out a cashiers check for $50,000. The teller was hesitant and trying to explain to the man  that he should investigate it further. Seems the man had gotten an email from a friend needing to raise nearly a hundred thousand dollars to pay the taxes on the lottery he just won in Nigeria so that he could collect his millions. The teller was trying to explain that he should contact the authorities. No, no he was told, the email was from a friend he trusted. Need I say more?

You see email has taken old white people by storm. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, oh my. They love it. It’s cheap. From chain mail to mail chains they are connected. They are unstoppable. Have you checked your virus protection today?


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