Posted by: rschoolcraft | March 30, 2008

#2 The “Age Badge” Part II


Old white people are torn. They wish that they were younger on the one hand and ae proud that they have reached their advanced years, on the other. Flo is a nice lady who wears her age badge proudly. She does not hesitate to tell people that she is 80 and a half. She does not hesitate to tell people her likes and dislikes. She’ll spew words like “crap” and “honey” while flailing her arms and getting louder and louder. She doesn’t care who’s listening. She doesn’t care if you like her or not.

You see, the reason that the “Age Badge” gets two posts on stuff old white people like is because more importantly than anything it represents freedom. The most important freedom of all – Being yourself!

Flo can be loud, racious,brazen, steely, vociferous and more… She doesn’t care about what society has to say about her or others like her. She has lived to be 801/2, an age 6 or more out of 10 young white people will never see.

She has earned the right to be herself. Young white people like their age, but they are always cringing and worried about not saying the right thing, being politically correct and so on.

Not Flo, not old white people like Flo. They have the badge of freedom!

Again, take that you young whippersnappers…


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